Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Tuesday Ten - Winning Links

These links are only on one drug and it's called the Tuesday Ten:

1. Damn You Auto Correct breaks some bad news. I guess that's worse than breaking up with someone over text.
2. Pizza saves lives! It's second to alcohol.
3. XKCD waits for his flying car.
4. Mark Grudzielanek retired and copy editors everywhere rejoiced.
5. Some people thought this wasn't funny but I laughed a few times. Plus there are all those women to look at. It's Jimmy Kimmel's Hottie Body Hump Club:

6. I hear Chuck Lorre's a jerk but his Vanity Card's can be funny. Here's the first one that ticked off Charlie Sheen.
7. Dodger great Duke Snider passed away this week. Here's a story from Terry Cashman, the creator of "Talkin' Baseball" discussing how the catchphrase in his song could have been drastically different.
8. Patton Oswalt was on Craig Ferguson's show last night and they were both pretty funny. If you can get past the weird camera angle and Craig's Scottish accent this show's pretty good.
9. They mention Oscar tweets during the Patton Oswalt interview. My favorite was this one from Michelle Collins from Best Week Ever:

Michelle Collins
"Awesome!! Randy Newman! I remember when I had his posters up on my wall as a kid." - One deaf kid once
10. I was going to put something else as number 10 but then I started watching Patton Oswalt videos and I remembered famous bowls so here it is:
Time to go out and do some winning!

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