Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Tuesday Ten - Spring Training Links

Today's links promise not to have a dugout skirmish:

1. This comedian I never heard of did a nice job on Conan's show.

2. Jimmy Kimmel sends up the King's Speech. Mike Tyson is turning his career around through comedy.

3. In case you've been wondering which MLB team to root for here's a nice chart to help you decide. I particularly liked the "What's in the thermos?" box.

4. The iPhone thinks KMart doesn't speak well.

5. Jimmy Fallon does a REALLY good Charlie Sheen. Why didn't he show this kind of talent while on SNL? I blame Lorne Michaels. Isn't that what most of their performers do?

6. XKCD points out it's not wise to get caught between the ornithologists and the herpetologists.

7. When you get tired of hearing how great baseball used to be spend some time with The Onion. Glad I never saw Walter Dugan bat.

8. Leave it to kids to find a cute way to run away.

9. WXRT had Chicago Day last Wednesday and I enjoyed this Lin Brehmer discussion on eating in Chicago. Now I'm dying to go out and get a beef.

10. And now we leave you with the great former Senator Alan Simpson who's apparently never heard the song "Who Am I? (What's My Name?)"

Now excuse me while I attend a group Anger Management class with my favorite National League team.

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