Sunday, March 13, 2011

20 Years (minus 3 months) Already?

Watched the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Chicago Bulls first championship. Here are a few random observations after the video:

  • Loved the clips they showed but especially "there's panic all over the Pistons' faces" and Magic's description of Jordan's layup in the championship game. 
  • Glad they picked Jim Durham to be the master of ceremonies. Although Neil Funk has grown on me Durham's still my favorite Bulls announcer.
  • I imagine Dennis Hopson thinking, "I was a good player with the Nets but now I'm announced first even ahead of gumpy ass Will Perdue!"
  • Although I think Stacey King won as the fattest former player from this group Cliff Levingston gave him a run for his money. Where do those guys find suits, in the Enormous and Giant Suit Section? A store called "Goliath's Hand-Me-Downs?"
  • Will Perdue still slightly resembles my friend Mark (as Debbie pointed out years ago) but not as much as Paul Schneider
Not Mark
  • Craig Hodges looks the same just with specks of gray. 
  • Scottie looks like he could still play. 
  • I'm pretty sure before they speak, as Michael indicates to Scottie to go first he says, "Age before beauty." Michael is 3 years older than Scottie but it still made me laugh. 
  • Looks like Michael got what Erik Spoelstra refers to as "glossy-eyed" during the ovation.
I really enjoyed watching this. It was interesting to me to think that after all the years and so many controversies with this team that everyone was warmly received - as they should have been. I was disappointed that Jerry Krause wasn't there or even mentioned. I would like to have seen that hatchet buried as well.

This also means it's 20 years (minus 3 months) since Burt eliminated "Wonderful Tonight" from being the song played for the first dance at his wedding. "Everybody's in a good mood. Everybody's dancing around, having a good time. And then they have to play this song." Burt was right. "Wonderful Tonight" was not the song to play about 6 songs after the Bulls won the championship but maybe that's one of the reasons Maxfield's soon went out of business. *

*Not one of the reasons.

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