Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Tuesday Ten - Final Four Links

These links promise not to mess up your NCAA bracket.

1. Okay, let's get these out of the way first. The Rebecca Black phenomenon continues. As of this writing the "Friday" video has over 64 million hits. This means she's passed the JK Wedding Video which you may know as it was spoofed on The Office when Jim and Pam got married. Eric Zorn posted a list of most popular novelty videos. Maybe she'll catch Biebs and his 498 Million views. I wonder how many of those views were by Emily?

2. Lamebook continues to pile on to the phenomenon.

3. Okay enough of that. Here, a photographer makes people pose they same way they did in photos from years before.  It's really well done. Be forewarned there's a boob in that set. Lily and Clara have a similar pose to the bathtub picture.  Just sayin'.

4. Don't mess with the price of a man's burritos.

5. Pretty sure you can't sell these. But if you do and you take them to the beach, make sure you take their pants off and feed them a donut.*

*That's a really inside joke from a Michigan vacation a few years back. If you don't know the story I can fill you in.

6. From the site I've just added to my RSS reader, My Bad Parent, this is cheaper than day care.

7. And this is just as wrong.

8. This sums up different smells very succinctly and effectively

9. Video time - this is pretty clever. It's a trailer for a "Mario" movie. No, not about me. That one would be called "Slow Descent Into Alcoholism."

10. And in honor of the start of baseball season in a few days, Onion Sports reports someone tried to kill AJ Pierzynski. I like how they try to narrow down the suspects.

I'm in 5 different types of NCAA pools. In one of them, a squares pool, I'm $5 away from making money. In the others I have no chance. All I can say is, "Yay, Opening day!"

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