Friday, March 4, 2011

Misplaced Songs - 3/4/11 - "It's Alright"

This week's Misplaced Song is by a band that keeps misplacing its band members.

The Redwalls are a band from Deerfield Illinois led by the Baren brothers Logan and Justin. Since forming in 2001 they've released 3 albums. Their second album, released on Capitol records did fairly well but apparently not well enough for the record company as they dropped the band. The album was called De Nova and it featured some minor radio hits. The song that got the most play was "Build A Bridge" since it was featured in an AT&T commercial.

Today's featured song is the much more lively "It's Alright" from the same record. This song sounds like early Beatles/Kinks which is one of the reasons I like it so much. The Baren brothers definitely borrow from the Davies brothers on this one. The drum sound is stolen straight from the 60s as are the twangy guitars. However the sound is a full one and the harmonies soar.

I'm not sure what the song's about. It seems overtly about flouting the rules and getting high but then it seems to take a step back and warn about "the man in an awful way." If I were more analytical I could attempt to figure it out but I've never been good at analyzing meaning in lyrics and poems.

The Redwalls released another album in 2007 which featured the great song "Modern Diet" but they've managed to lose the non-related members of their group in the meantime.  They'll need to put that back together before trying again. Meanwhile, De Nova is a great album filled with good songs led by this one. Enjoy It's Alright. 


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