Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Vegas Story

The last few years I've gone to Vegas this weekend, the second week of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, with Mark and a bunch of friends. This year they went the first week of the tournament, which they had for at least 14 years before, and I have my own rituals that weekend so I didn't go. To quote Burt, "There's March Madness and there's Vegas, they're two different things."

So this year Mark and the folks went without me. Their first day in town was Thursday and most if not all of them had flown in that day. They stayed at the Venetian and had a private room at Emeril's sports book in the Palazzo, which is one of the towers of the Venetian. After a day of drinking, gambling and watching basketball they decided to check out the scene at the new Cosmopolitan hotel which is about six blocks away on the strip. So they went clubbing and gambling for a while at the Cosmopolitan. It's important to our story to note that while the Cosmopolitan is newly opened construction at the hotel is not entirely complete.

While the boys were there, one of our friends, we'll call him Kody to protect his identity, was falling asleep at the table and decided to head back to his room. Kody forgot that they had moved from the Venetian and took the elevator at the Cosmopolitan up to the 36th floor. He found a room that was open because it was still under construction and slept there.

He woke up and didn't understand why the TV was still in a box and the toilet was wrapped in plastic.

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