Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Tuesday Ten - St. Patrick's Day Madness Links

These links promise to get drunk whether they're Irish or not and promise not to foul someone 89 feet from the basket.

1. This fine young man puts together a medley of Simpsons tunes and does a nice job with them. I hadn't heard the Canyonero song in a long time and it made me laugh.

2. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, it's a video classic - the Leprechaun that's haunting Mobile Alabama. The amateur sketch in this news report is still one of the funniest things ever.

3. Whatever you do, don't touch Adrian Beltre's head. Victor Martinez enjoys poking the teammate.

4. Most of the flack Rebecca Black's getting really should be going to her parents although I'm pretty sure if she said to take the video down it would be gone. In the meantime, this photo summarizes my feelings.

5. Basic Instructions tells us how to create a superhero story and why Omnipresence is not actually that great of a super power.

6. Here's some fun with flash. Point your mouse at the face in the picture below. Go ahead and leave it there.

7. Lamebook points out some Moronic Moments. I read the status on the first one 3 times making sure it was that ridiculous.

8. XKCD deploys some Time Management. This could be my day if you move it later by about 3 hours.

9. Now a couple of tournament links. First a rare link that didn't make me laugh, Joe Posnanski points out how focus on complaining about the refs caused analysts to miss a key mistake in the Arizona-Texas game.

10. Finally it's the Gus Johnson soundboard. Ozzy wants this in ringtone format. Ha Haaaaa!

Note: Reposted because the original version was missing the Gus Johnson soundboard link. 


  1. Ok - this is some funny shit. I laughed my ass off. You have to google Bob Dylan and Rebecca Black - that is priceless.
    I have no idea if anyone else is reading your stuff, but I love it! Keep going!

  2. Gus Johnson going to sell trademarked Rise and Fire Clothing.

  3. I have about 20 to 30 readers, almost all people I know. Most feedback I get is verbal not many written comments. Since most people see me it's just easier to talk to me about stuff. I'll keep going as long as there's time and I'm entertaining someone.

    Listening to the "Bob Dylan" cover as I type this. Very funny.