Saturday, March 12, 2011

Misplaced Songs - 3/12/11 - "Sing Me Spanish Techno"

This week's Misplaced Song will punish you for listening too long to it.

In the Chicago area one of the singers of The New Pornographers, Neko Case, is much more popular than the band. And while both Neko and the band are active, I've much preferred the music of the New Pornographers to Neko's solo stuff. In this case I've chosen a song that doesn't really feature Neko at all.

The New Pornographers are a Canadian indie band that's gotten great reviews for all of their albums. This song is from the Twin Cinema release from 2005. There are many good songs on that disc as both the title track and "Use It" have gotten some airplay locally. However this song snuck up on me when I saw them in concert in August of last year. They kicked off the show with it and it was a great way to start.

This tune just jumps from the beginning and it features the band's multi-layered sound and great harmonizing which is also a standard feature of this band. This song is sung by A.C. Newman, the brains behind the band. The song has been said to be either non-sensical or about wanting change. Being stuck in a rut and wanting anything different, such as being sung Spanish Techno music.

For me, the chorus ends up being ironic - "I want to crash here right now./ The hourglass spills its sand/ if only to punish you/ for listening too long to one song/ listening too long to one song/ Sing me Spanish Techno." Because, of course, I end up listening to this song multiple times any time I hear it. And I hate it when the hourglass punishes me. That's like being lied to through song.

None of the New Pornographers singles have done much in the U.S although this album reached 44 on the charts. Also the video below is light hearted and features someone making a change. Enjoy "Sing Me Spanish Techno."

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