Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Tuesday Ten - Snowy Links

These links promise not to go to the grocery food and hoard all your food and water.

1. 11 Points is nice enough to rank the top 11 Troy McClure film titles.  I was happy he mentioned "Man vs. Nature: The Road to Victory." My sister is a Sue Grafton fan.   I was disappointed when she didn't name her "P" book "P Is For Psycho." I, too, miss Phil Hartman.
2. Matt Ufford at Warming Glow points out how Regis Philbin is a tool.  Seriously, why isn't this a bigger deal?
3. Another winner from Lamebook.
4. I don't watch Dexter, but I've read about it, and this summary seems pretty accurate. (h/t to Warming Glow):
5. Basic Instructions tells us how to be a good friend.
6. There was a story a while back about how shows like "16 and Pregnant" were encouraging teens to get pregnant in an attempt to get on TV.  This survey says that's not the case for the general population.

7. This is a bit over the top but I have to say I agree with the sentiment of this strongly worded post bashing "Glee."  (I also agree with the bashing of Kings of Leon it contains.)
8. This summary of Facebook is only too true.
9. More summaries for a winter's day, this one describes TLC's current lineup.
10. I'm short one today so I'm going with a classic - a look back at the Beatles from the year 3000. The pictures of Scottie still crack me up.
I wish I could just get these links to shovel some snow.

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