Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Colonel and The Bulldog

Richard Dent was voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It's a great honor for the Colonel and one that was a few years overdue. My main memories of the Colonel involved the Bulldog.

My old roommate Mike had a bulldog. One of the numerous shenanigans he'd do with the Bulldog was that Mike would "sack" her whenever the Bears recorded a sack during a game we were watching. He would usually wrap his arms around her and roll over, lifting her and putting her on his stomach. She would snort and blort and walk away looking back at him like he was the crazy person he is. Things would calm down and he would sit on the couch and she would curl up near him resuming her nap.

Richard Dent had a large proportion of Bears sacks in those days and Mike noted this appropriately.  At the start of a game Mike would look at the sleeping Bulldog and while petting her he'd say something like, "This poor bulldog doesn't know what she's in for. She has no idea how much she should be worried about the Colonel."

When Dent made a sack Mike would shout "THE COLONEL!" and then sack the Bulldog. She was only mildly annoyed by this as he was interrupting her sleep. She was pretty tired since she had usually only slept 22 hours the day before. Yet she somehow managed to survive numerous seasons filled with shouts of "THE COLONEL!"

Congratulations to Richard Dent. He may never know the influence he had on a man and his bulldog.

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