Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Tuesday Ten - Dusty Links

These links promise not to leave anything in your spot in the dugout.

1. Here are some strange receipts. I prefer leukemia pies.
2. Basic Instructions helps you wreak your revenge. I'll have a cup of revenge soup please.
3. Damn You Auto Correct helps break some bad news.
4. Lots of discussion about IBM's computer Watson on Jeopardy last week. Hijinks Ensue comes up with some categories he may have trouble with.
5. I saw this a few weeks ago and didn't post it then. Thought about it last week and it made me laugh. Then Tom emailed it last night and I knew it was in. Ladies and gentleman, the Honey Badger (narrated by Randall).
6. It's election day in Chicago which unfortunately means the campaign of Alderman Ed Bus has come to an end. Let's go back to when he started his fine run for mayor of Chicago.
 7. This is a pretty long piece but Joe Posnanski cracked me up with his Thoughts In A Bookstore. I'm calling my autobiography "Book."
8. I agree - this is kind of a creepy name for a wireless network. It's enough to make me change mine from Mario's House of Doom.
9. From Why Did You Buy Me That, it's good that this Dad intercepted this gift to his kids from his Mom
10. Here's a video explaining Fielding Independent Pitching which, while it does a nice job of explaining FIP, I mainly include for the rendering of new Brewers Infielder Yuniesky Betancourt.
Man, that 2006 Cubs team was really crappy.

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