Friday, February 11, 2011

Misplaced Songs - 2/11/11 - "You're All I Wanna Do"

This week's song is from a Rockford Illinois band that is known for "Surrender" yet won't give up being a rock and roll band.

Cheap Trick formed in Rockford in the mid 70s and gained great popularity with the Cheap Trick Live at Budokan album in 1978. They experienced a lull in sales in the mid 80s then regained some popularity by some formulaic songs written by professional songwriters like "The Flame" (i.e. selling out.) After their sales again started to hit a lull they left Epic records. They signed to Warner Brothers records and released the album Woke Up With A Monster in 1994.  The title track to this album was its first single and received a ton of airplay but, unfortunately, it's kind of a crappy song.

In a case of the record company and band choosing the wrong first single they then released our featured song as the second single. It's a million times better than "Woke Up With A Monster" and if it had been released first I think the album would have done much better. "You're All I Wanna Do" is a straightforward rocker in the classic Cheap Trick mode. It's power pop with basic lyrics about wanting to have sex with your partner all the time. I don't think it gets any more rock and roll than that. Unfortunately, it was too late to save the album. It quickly faded off the charts after peaking at 123 and the band left Warner Brothers after this sole recording. They are still recording today and have a song from their Rockford release in 2006 that will be featured in a future post.

It should be mentioned that the video for this song is pretty weak.

Here's a live version that sounds pretty good but the sound is synced up poorly.

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