Friday, February 25, 2011

Misplaced Songs - 2/25/11 - "Electric Barbarella"

This week's misplaced song features a band and a song that pay homage to Jane Fonda's most famous role.*

*According to Ross Denton.

Duran Duran is a super famous band that got huge in the early 80s with the Rio album and their MTV ready image. Many of my favorite Duran Duran songs come from that album including "Hungry Like The Wolf", "Rio", "Save A Prayer" and "Hold Back The Rain". I didn't enjoy their subsequent releases as much. While I enjoyed a song such as "New Moon On Monday" I disliked some of their other popular songs such as "Wild Boys" and "Union Of The Snake." I secretly hoped that at the beginning of "Is There Something I Should Know" that someone would tell them "Now!" and they'd stop playing and the song would end.

After hitting a lull in the late 80s and early 90s, they had some renewed success in 1993 with "Ordinary World" and "Come Undone." A few years later they released an album of all covers which was poorly received by critics. After that they released Medazzaland which has our featured song. This album did poorly and lead to their leaving EMI records.

"Electric Barbarella" is a synthesizer and bass driven song with a dance beat and a bit of subdued vocal by Simon LeBon. It's a song about, I believe, a robot sex doll. The singer finds Barbarella perfect and discusses why this is so - "Emotionless and cold as ice, all of the things I like." *

*Ideas expressed in this song are not necessarily those of your humble blogger. No really.

The song hit 52 on the charts in the US but could have done better if a few things hadn't happened. First, the video had to be edited for MTV and by the time it was delivered the song was already off the charts. Second, the song was one of the first available for digital download. Well, the record stores didn't like that so much so they held back on promoting the record or sometimes refused to stock the album because of this. 

But none of that matters anymore because it's still available for digital download. Here's "Electric Barbarella."

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