Friday, February 18, 2011

Misplaced Songs - 2/18/11 - "Kiss With A Fist"

As someone who had heard of Arcade Fire before the Grammys I thought I'd focus on an artist that many people had not heard of before that awards show. This one happens to be British not Canadian.

Florence Welch is the brains behind the group Florence and the Machine which is really her and bunch of session musicians. This enables her to change genres as to match the feel of a given song. She appeared on the Grammys in the opening salute to Aretha Franklin and managed to handle herself well and not give in to the over-singing that Christina Aguilera did.

The song "The Dog Days Are Over" has become an 'XRT favorite getting lots of airplay. Today's post is about the previous single which I don't recall hearing on 'XRT. I happen to think "Kiss With A Fist" is a little bit better song as its punkier. It starts quiet but then turns into a barn-burner. Both songs can be found on the album Lungs.

While I should have first heard this song during a Community episode during season 1 it didn't catch my ear then. Instead I heard it during an episode of Chuck this year. Apparently it's featured in Jennifer's Body as well but oddly enough I haven't seen that yet.

While it seems as though the lyrics are about domestic violence or at least some sort of physical violence between a couple Florence Welch says that they actually are about psychological games that couples that may or may not hurt at all but add spice to a relationship. Either way, the music is all kinds of bouncy fun in a little over two minutes.*

*As I get older I find that I much prefer shorter songs to longer ones. I mean, do I really need to listen to the "Freebird" guitar solo for the 238th time? I'd rather change the station. That's probably why I don't much care for jam bands.

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