Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Tuesday Ten - Love Hangover Links

These links promise to show their appreciation every day not just on February 14th.

1. This was found in a regular bag of Valentine's candy by a 12-year-old. I'm lucky I didn't have a bag of these when I was younger. Although it wouldn't have changed things much.
2. Rob Neyer's Surnacronyms got busy last week and here he summarizes his favorites. I liked LaRussa and Alou.
3. This guy set his daughters up to imitate Angry Birds. Don't you hate creative people?
4. Conan did a few more Groupon ads.

5. This is not me but it could have been.
6. Can't wait for my next interview so I can answer the questions like this (no wonder I'm unemployed).
7. Here's a whole set of Supercuts for movie and TV cliches. I'm waiting for them to add "Let's do this!" and "I've got a prostate the size of (fill in the blank with something large - "a melon", "a Cadillac", "New Jersey".)" Also, I like to pretend I trademarked the phrase "I'm in it to win it" and I raise my arms and say "Woo Hoo!" whenever someone says it pretending I made money (no wonder I live alone).
8. I keep telling Neff to look this up since he said "Winter's Bone" sounded like a porn so I figured I'd post it here. It's Wayne's World's review of the Oscars nominations.

9. Don't know what you think about Bieber's music but I enjoy his ringtone.
Here's the Mike Gundy rant where the ringtone comes from.
10. I didn't have a crush on Chrissy Teigen until I saw her Twitter feed during the Grammys. Her Twitter feed can be found here. She's awesome! Loved the tweet about Christina's alphabet. "Deez Titties" would've totally worked on me.

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