Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Tuesday Ten - Singing Links

These links promise not mess up the words to your favorite anthem.

1. Here's an infographic history of bacon. Surprisingly, while I've heard of it before I've never tasted bacon flavored vodka.
2. If you haven't seen the goalie fight from last week I bet you think it's pretty funny, um, except if you're Rick DiPietro.
3. The satellite image from last week kind of sums up the size of the storm.
4. And here's a funny story about someone getting upset about "dibs". 
5. Apparently if you put together the various McBain scenes from different Simpsons episodes you make a short cohesive movie, if "you" happened to be someone at College Humor (h/t to Warming Glow.)

6. This note bashing people on Roseanne is funnier if you remember what a mess Lebanon was in the late 80s.
7. Sam lays out 11 Masterfully Corny Movie Titles. I'm also disappointed the sequel to "The Hills Have Eyes" is not "The Hills Have Eyes 2: The Hills Don't Have Eyes."
8. Patton Oswalt posted this picture on his Twitter feed. Make sure you read the caption.
9. I would enjoy playing this Arrested Development Clue Game. Just the sight of Wee Britain and the Chicken Dance make me laugh.
10. While we're on the subject of Arrested Development's Chicken Dance "Has anyone in this family ever even seen a chicken?"

Hmmm, I better get this posted while it's still Tuesday.

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