Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Tuesday Ten - Now Rebecca Black Free

These links promise not to back into the playoffs:

1. I'm not entirely sure if it would be awful or awesome to be part of an internet meme. I'm leaning towards awful. I think I'd rather it was Burt. Maybe it would've happened if he would've let us take a series of pictures with hot chicks like we wanted to do on the baseball trip last summer. Back to the original post, that meme cracks me up.

2. The bullet points from this Lowering The Bar post get funnier as they go along, culminating with the note writing in the fourth bullet. I wonder if it was signed "Epstein's Mother."

3. Very much enjoyed this old Twins commercial. It's been a while since Torii Hunter's hit anything this hard.

4. Marco Scutaro continues the taunting of Adrian Beltre (previous head rubs here.)

5. My Bad Parent chimes in with a good way to prepare your kid for future incarceration.

6. And with a good way to suffocate your child.

7. From White Whine, Malcolm's having a hard week. For those that don't know, Frankie Muniz played Malcolm in the sitcom "Malcolm In The Middle" which featured the theme song below (which you need to know to understand the caption assist).

8. Now, a series of Lamebook's - first, a series of well done comments.

9. Second, this one is a little long but the last two comments provide a great payoff. Will it be worse for me when I can only say I was enjoying bacon?

10. Lastly, oddly enough this hasn't happened to me. I'm sure it could have, it just hasn't. Also, at some point I would stop checking in.

Good luck to the Blackhawks in the NHL playoffs. A repeat? Probably not, but we can hope.

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