Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Tuesday Ten - Adult Themed Links

If I had tried to do a Tuesday Ten last week it would've been the Tuesday Four so I waited until I had ten links to share. These links promise to not to cause cramps:

1. This link isn't all that funny but it goes to the point I have that people shouldn't freak out about stuff that's in the news because if it were that common and likely to happen to you it wouldn't be in the news.

2. This reminds me of when that great Cub fan and high school friend of mine Lyn Johnson referred to Jim Frey as the "Coach" of the Cubs. Showing what wonderful people we were, my friends and I made fun of her behind her back for this for years. I wonder why Lyn and I aren't friends anymore?

3. I suppose you can give her points for creativity but you have to take some away for possible suffocation.

4. As the title says, kids love strippers. Maybe we'll have one next time we have a Dunton Ave. bonfire.

5. I link, you decide.(h/t to HJE)

6. And now on to the porn auditions (I'm sensing a theme here.) Since we had no pets and I have no middle name I would simply be called either "Lawler" or "Normandy". We moved when I was eight so I have a choice.

7. Okay, let's clean it up. Sort of. Finally, some competition for Dick Stickrod.

8. I have a few friends that would've given this blackmailer all the money just to get away from him.

9. While this is not the wonderful, magical animal from the Simpsons this is instead the magical animal that gives us meat but still survives.

10. Finally, Carl nails it for all the Hawks fans.

Big night in Chicago sports. If you need me, I'll be watching TVs with my head on a swivel.

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