Monday, April 11, 2011

Early Links - About Society in General

Here are a handful of posts that I found interesting about the world in which we live.

I don't think I could eat colorless food. Seems like most of the food that's artificially colored are things I shouldn't eat anyway. I could probably live without sprinkles but I'm pretty sure Burt couldn't. Burt thinks sprinkles should be added to most desserts. "Yeah, this is good but it could use something maybe some sprinkles."

Russians don't smile nearly as much as Americans. Having lived through the Cold War this makes perfect sense to me.  It also may have led to Robert Novak calling the Russians "godless" in nearly every episode of "Crossfire." You know because "Smileyness is next to Godliness." Oh, wait, that's "Cleanliness." Never mind.

The Freakonomics blog discusses why people no longer hitchhike. This should probably be its own post but this brings up the larger topic on how much time we spend protecting ourselves from things that are unlikely to happen and the perception that things are so much worse now than they were when we were younger even when they're not. And how one nutjob can make us spend time doing non-productive activities like removing your shoes at the airport security line. Just know that Neff's nemesis is the Tylenol murderer because of how much time he now spends trying to open protective packaging. Getting back to the original link there's a nice list of things that have nearly disappeared from modern life. Of those I hope clotheslines make a comeback. I know a few people that still use them. They're an awesome way to dry clothes.

In another what's wrong with us story this one is called "The Tire Iron and the Tamale." It's a good one and not just because I love tamales.

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