Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Tuesday Ten for 8/28 - All Video Links

Lots of videos this week. These links promise not confuse walking on the moon with like a hurricane.

1. I'm fairly certain Vin Scully could describe anything and make it entertaining.

2. Another from Conan - here's "Old Timey Baseball."

3. I just love this kind of stuff. It seems mean but I suppose the player knows it's a joke and kind of enjoys it. 

4. This isn't a real movie. It was probably a push-up bra.

5. Here's the strangest clip from Walker Texas Ranger ever: 
6.  I love that everyone's been working on "the face."
7. "Better Off Ted" was a show that most people missed mainly because ABC did nothing to promote it. Here's an example of the show's humor which some very NSFW outtakes.
8. Tony Hale once starred in a Volkswagen commercial which you may remember.
9. The above led to this Arrested Development joke:
10. And finally, a workout for almost all of my female friends.
That's all for this week. Until next time when I'll be avoiding getting my hook hand caught in my car.

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  1. Remind me when McKayla turns 17 to tell you how hot she is.