Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Tuesday Ten for 9/4 - No Video Links

These links promise not to snitch on you if you don't mention that they're nearly two days late.

1. This is funny but made even funnier by the fact that I know this woman. Her name's Lauren and her hair's not always wet.

2. A few upinions - first don't post and drive.

3. I would hate to get hepatitis-China.

4. Just the sight of this card makes me laugh.

5. A couple tree Hardball Talks - I liked the question in the middle.

6. This is crazy.

7. This is so true.

8. A few Lamebooks - you just can't beat this place.

9. Production's been way down since she left.

10. I can only imagine the number of times this has occurred.

Until next time when I'll be trying not create fake websites. Ha! I can't even work on creating this real website.

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