Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hard To Call This Studying

I've been posting less which theoretically means I've been busy. If you're interested in how things are going with Improv study I'm in the Second City Conservatory currently. One of my classmates, John Delton, has been recording our progress. You can find his blog here. I've listed a link to each week's recap below and the last 2 include mentions of my work as well as a picture of our group.

 Post about John's audition for Conservatory - Neo-Conservatory

Week 1 - Conservatory Beginning

Week 2 - Lock Eyes!

Week 3 - Clique It

Week 4 - Black Out

Week 5 - Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Week 6 - Emotional Rescue

Week 7 - Move, move, move

Week 8 - One Night in Bangkok

John summarizes things nicely in his posts. All I'll add is that I learned a bunch about putting together blackouts and sketches. I've also had it reinforced that it's important to use relationships, characters, emotions and actions to make a better scene. 

Here's our group (I stole the picture from John's blog). Elizabeth is missing because she wasn't at class this week.

Laying across the front is John. Center row is Ciera, Tim O'Malley (our instructor) and VP. Standing is Dan, Christine, Kristin, me, Ryan, Casey and Scott.

The group is really talented, as most groups here are. Unfortunately, we're losing a few people before second term. Christine, who has a really cool Australian accent which is appropriate since she's from Australia, and VP, who does a great itinerant child/drunk, are moving to Wednesday while Ryan, who's head is partially obscured by our instructor, is moving to Sunday. We'll miss them all. Christine brings an air of elegance to most scenes while Ryan is a really versatile improviser.

Starting on September 1st, the rest of us will be hanging out together for the following 8 weeks on Saturday mornings with a brand new instructor. Then we'll see who passes the auditions for level 3. It seems like most of us would get there but who knows what will happen. I do know we'll have some fun along the way.

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