Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Thursday Ten for 8/9 - Olympic Links

These links promise to be happy they won an Olympic medal.

1. I think it's just the use of the word n**** that gets me every time.

2. Very clever.

3. Really, he was just dying to do Youk. 

4. As you can see from this video, Badminton's so lame that you have to look ridiculous when you're trying to throw a match.

5. This is totally something I would write.

6. What's the downside?

7. You might need to know who Aziz Ansari is for this to be funny but not necessarily.

8. "What I think I'll do is get into my car. What? Ah, who needs clothes!"

9. This is a slideshow but it's a good one. Poor McKayla.

10. No wonder we had so much Italian food when growing up.

Until next time when I'll be eating Italian because it's DELICIOUS!

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