Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Tuesday Ten for 8/14 - Is it Over Links

These links promise not to cut away from your favorite artist during the closing ceremonies.

1. Honestly, I didn't think this book would be this thick.

2. The first of 2 Lamebooks - really glad my mom doesn't have an iPhone.

3. Hopefully you've seen The Princess Bride. If you haven't, you won't get the joke. If you want to get the joke, watch this, but know it's a huge spoiler.

4. From Indexed, so true:

5.  This website explains itself. Here's Rogers Park.

6. Helen Gurley Brown died this week. (via)

She was 90, though parts of her were considerably younger... from the New York Times obituary of Helen Gurley Brown, who died Monday at age 90.

7. Nice takedown of this Enrique Iglesias video, with the added bonus of Jennifer Love Hewitt in her prime.

8. "He basically provided a sworn statement to the courts that he himself could not be found,"

9. I agree with Kermit, the best part of this is Matt Downs flying in for no apparent reason.

10. Is it over? I think it's over.

That's all for now. Until next time when I'll be avoiding giving myself an eviction notice.

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