Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Tuesday Ten for 5/1 - Dog Links

These links promise not to dress in blackface.

1. Ken Levine's blog is great. If you've been dying to live like Jesus did 2000 years ago, here's your chance.

2. I'm not entirely sure why I found this so funny, but I did.

3. Ah yes, it's another minority that hasn't risen up to political correctness yet. We need more of them.

4. I bet they can.

5. This post is pretty self-explanatory. You know how I enjoy stuff done by kids.

6. Lowering The Bar loves to pick on the TSA. These posts are nearly always amusing. What I love about this one is the artist's impression.

7 and 8 . This is my new favorite tumblr. It's called "Texts From A Dog" where a man receives text messages from his dog. It's consistently hilarious. Here are my two of my favorites from last week.

9. Video time: this one shows some great team chemistry on the Utah Jazz.

10. If you missed last week's live episode of "30 Rock" you missed a good one. This may have been my favorite part.

Until next time when I...um...BANJO!

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