Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Tuesday Ten for 5/15 - Pretend Links

These links promise not to sneeze on your food before serving it.

1. You know I'm a sucker for stories involving little kids.

2. Makes perfect sense that the watch would have this kind of power.

3. The third one is really good.

4. Just checking.

5. I promise this is the last pair from the same site. From the great Texts From Dog.

 6. It's weird to think that your dog's likely older than you are.

7. What? We've already had a gay president? Why wasn't I notified?

8. This whole thing is funny but I particularly liked Chris Wojcik's response.

9. Some baseball players make more than fart jokes.

10. Even if you don't watch Parks and Recreation I think you'll find the best of Perd Hapley amusing. He's Pawnee's answer to Kent Brockman.*

*It's awesome to think that there's someone reading this that doesn't get that reference.

That's all until next time when I'll be avoiding using my powers to avoid being late for work.

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