Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Tuesday Ten for 4/24 - Millionaire Links

The Tuesday Ten is happy to return after being away to be alone with its thought.

1. He later rescinded comment this but the Daily House's take on this was perfect.

2. Stay with this because there's a nice twist at the end.

3. I always wondered this myself.

Who’s this “Ibid” character anyway?

Many of the statements in this paper are also noted as coming from a person only identified as ‘Ibid’ in the footnotes. I am not skeptical of Ibid’s view, but I would like to find his/her article and read it for myself.

4. There are some sites where I should always ask them to email me instead of trying to login.  

6. As you may remember, we used to get Oprah magazine and every month she would say, "We got the new O." And I would say, "Oh yeah, who's on the cover?" Noted!

7. I can understand the confusion.

8. The first paragraph of this cracks me up.

9. Poor Robert Andino.

10. If you're not a fan of Mad Men you may not get this but you may find if funny anyway. As for me, I can't stop laughing at it.

That's all for this week. I'll be spending the next week trying not to be attacked by a ring bear.

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