Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Tuesday Twenty - Spring Training Links

The Tuesday Ten took a few days off to be bitter. But now it's back and promises to identify you if you ever play in a spring training game. While it was gone it grew twice as big.

1. I would think Burt would have something like this in his obituary if the Bears ever obtained Brett Favre. Or the Sox obtained Derek Jeter. Or the Cubs obtained Chipper Jones. Or Cris Collinsworth became a local sportscaster. Man that's a lot of hate. (via Kissing Suzy Kolber.)

2. He does what he can.

3. You'd think Baron Von Burrito would be a more prestigious job than this.

4. I was particularly pleased with the use of "Jagshemash" in the headline. I haven't heard Mike use that word in nearly 20 years.

5. I choose the nickname.

6. You probably think I use this all the time. I'm not telling.

7. People say baseball spring training is too long. Apparently the Cardinals production crew agrees.

8. Rob Neyer and I completely agree with Brandon McCarthy.

Amen, Brother.

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