Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Tuesday Ten for 2/7 - Super Links

These links promise not to berate your husband's teammates for dropping his passes.

1. Nothing like following up a milk steak with a good meat cake.

Let the meat cake!

Mary Antwinet is famous for saying “let the meat cake.” She was a leader of the French revelation. She was very popular and fashionable until she died from guilty.

3. I wonder if this is near Yuck City?

4. I don't like her show, I don't find it funny, but this video Whitney posted on her blog is pretty funny.

6. Getting closer to being topical, this was mentioned numerous times in reaction to Jim Hendry taking a job with the Yankees.

Dang, That's Just Mean

(League Of Her Own) readers have suggested that Hendry was sent to the Yankees as compensation to the Red Sox for the Theo hiring.
Jan 31 via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

But funny, also.

7. This isn't all that funny it's just an opinion I agree with.

8. Here's a commercial that only aired in Canada that I thought was pretty cool.

9. You may have seen this already but if you haven't it's extremely funny and very un-Veronica Mars-like.

10. If you're not watching "Billy On The Street" on Fuse you're missing out. Here's a taste of Billy Eichner's show.

Until next week when I'll think about telling my supervisors that something important just happened.

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