Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Tuesday Ten for 2/21 - Cruel Links

These links promise not to inadvertently swear at mom.

1. I imagine Liam Neeson now gets this type of letter all the time.

2. If nothing else, the Chinese have balls.

3. Brandon McCarthy did the Hot Clicks post at si.com. Hilarity ensued.

4. I'm pretty sure everyone thinks this, except of course, the murderer.

5. Jenny Johnson's really funny. Here's an example of why I think that. Gosh, that was almost timely.

6. I would be confused too.

7. Well, wouldn't it?

An Eye for a Skittle

The punishment should always be proportionate to the crime. For example, it would be proportionate to kill someone if they stole your candy.

8. Lots of Simpsons stuff in the internets last week due to their 500th show. Here's one of the tributes. Yes, this is a slideshow but it's worth it. Really. Mainly because "Football In The Groin" has a football in the groin.

9. Nothing cracks me up more than funny moms.

10. Um, yeah, I like pets as much as the next person but this cracked me up.

That's all for now. I'll spend the week trying not to take home Sarah McLachlan.

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