Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Tuesday Ten for 11/29 - Life and Death Links

These links promise not to eat you:

1. This doesn't exactly sell Twitter but if you follow the right people it's quite entertaining. Or, there's this.

2. Ah, yes, the exploits of Antonio Duarte Tigeron.

3. I refuse to argue with this point.

4. Um...

5. Incomparable!

6. This never happens.

7. I could attempt to write an impassioned plea about how Community is really good and more people should watch it but so many other people do it I don't feel the need. However, take less than 20 seconds to watch this video and a minute to read the backstory. I find it self-explanatory.

8. Maybe the George Clooney Batman movie wasn't that far off (h/t to HireJimEssian.com via MentalFloss.com via yesbutnobutyes.com).

9. Videos! The first is from Jason Segel's turn as host of Saturday Night Live.

10. Try not to let Siri get in the middle of your fights. It's bad for her health.

That's all for this week. I'm still too full from Thanksgiving to eat you anyway.

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