Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Tuesday Ten for 11/8 - Occupy Bacon Links

These links promise to love bacon.

1. This site is fun, and if you were on the web in the late 90s, strangely accurate (h/t to HJE.)

2. Leah points out something I've always thought.

3. This is fun too. Go to google and search for "Do a barrel roll."

4. What are you doing for Nigel Tufnel day? I'll be listening to loud music.

5. The bad thing is, there are some people that would like the bottom part of this sign.

6. Making a touchdown feels better.

7. No matter how you look at it, we're getting old.

8. Even if they didn't taste like bacon just using these would make me hungry all the time.

9. I don't watch Top Chef but I still thought this was funny.

10. This is sort of long but really good - Triumph at Occupy Wall Street.

Hope you enjoyed that. If you're looking for me I'll be in a triangle triangle.

An addendum and I guess this makes this an Etuesday Eleven but I wanted to add this as an FYI for some folks. Former Heavyweight Champion Joe Frazier passed away last night at the age of 67. While this is not his best moment the surprise in Howard Cosell's voice when George Foreman knocks Frazier down says a bit of how invincible Frazier was thought to be at the time. He had just beaten Muhammad Ali so everyone figured he was the best in the world. This is an iconic call which I'll still imitate from time to time even though the two main contributors have now passed away. Oh, and look, it's George Foreman when he was thin!

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