Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Tuesday Ten for 11/1 - Divorced Links

The Tuesday Ten promise not to divorce you after 72 days of marriage.*

*They promise to wait at least six and a half years.

1. Lamebook keeps it current.

2. I'm happy because I'm apparently multiple genders.

3. Henry Oxford gives Martha Stewart a new nickname.

4. I'm getting closer to the far end of this curve.

5. I'm a big fan of fat free wood.

6. As usual, this is pretty accurate.

7. I'd be a pretty bad parent.

8. Here's something for you Lego aficionados out there.

9. Where do I stand on Tim Tebow? I try not to. However I do think he's a good guy but a bad Quarterback. Might be a good Tight End but I'm not sure we'll get to find out. In any case, I hate it when my coach trims my wings. Note: this was recorded before this week's debacle against Detroit.

10. It really sucks when legislature backfires on people. Er, doesn't it?

That's all for this week. Try not to stab a dolphin and to avoid crazy bakers!

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