Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Tuesday Ten for 11/22 - Grateful Links

The Tuesday Ten promise not to complain when they eat too much this coming Thursday. (Editor's note: I modified the links so they open in new windows automatically. Sorry for not doing this before. I make no guarantees about doing it in the future.)

1. Uhpinions is mooved by this particular toy set.

2. It's a children's paradise.

3. There are very few Facebook friends I could be this sarcastic to. Mostly, my real friends. How bizarre is that?

4. Because, you know, this makes perfect sense.

5. Here's your sports lesson for the day.

6. Possibly a little new job remorse.

7. This is all over the local news today so you may have seen it. This guy looks a little like Nick Nolte. I would totally be a lazy thief like him.

8. Thanksgiving time - starting as only Sam can.

9. I thought Jason's list was slightly above average until I saw number 27 which slayed me.

10. The Oatmeal totally nails this comparison between Thanksgiving as a kid versus and adult.

What, no videos?! What the hell!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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