Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Tuesday Ten for 10/25 - Mixup Links

These links promise not to call for a hit and run then refrain from swinging at the pitch.

1. Basic Instructions tells us how to construct an idea. At sixty, we should get unlimited golf! Oh wait, we pretty much have that.

2. I believe these Interrogation techniques would be highly effective.

3. It's too bad this is likely fake. I really could have used it for my "Slipper of the Week."

They both make good points.

4. Hard to argue with this logic.

5. This too.

6. Fairly certain that if we brought back some of these obsolete punctuation marks that 75% of my sentences would end with the snark.

7. It's a super secret identity.

8. Video time: First up, yes this really happened.

9. I don't even watch the CSIs and this still cracked me up. This would be Timmy's favorite show.

10. The NBA lockout is really hurting the players.

That's all for this week. If you saw last night's World Series game you may have seen a mixup where apparently the bullpen coach of the St. Louis Cardinals misheard the name of relief pitcher Jason Motte (the "e" in Motte is silent) as Lance Lynn. After the game Joe Sheehan, freelance baseball writer frequently featured in Sports Illustrated tweeted, "I could really go for some Lynn's applesauce."

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