Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Tuesday Ten for 8/2 - The Long and Winding Road to These Links

These links promise to look just as good when they're 69. I saw Paul McCartney this past Sunday at Wrigley Field. This has inspired me to have a theme to my comments on these links. I really should have just let it be.

1. I'd say these guys are wondering what went on the night before. No, alcohol had nothing to do with it.

2. All my loving wouldn't make this a good suggestion.

3. Spending most Saturdays with karaoke enthusiasts I completely agree with numbers 1, 3 and 10 on this list. I wish we could get back to the old days when these songs weren't ruined.

4. I can't top Eric's d'oh story but I think I have an equal one. I recently thought we had our name on a list at the door for Tributosaurus doing the Beatles vol. 4 show at Fitzgerald's but it turned out we had real tickets which were sitting on my dresser at home. Bought 4 more tickets. Almost missed show starter "What Goes On." I will not make that mistake again.

5. Carl Skanberg makes a great point. If Rios wasn't making so much money he'd might be sent down to Junior's Farm.

6. Here was a sign seen outside of Wrigley Field on Sunday. Although if I remember Paul's preferences correctly he'd likely say "Let me roll it."

7. Leah posts about thanking things every day and here's one about noises. Hopefully they don't interfere with her golden slumbers.

8. The Lamebook folks have started a new website for reviews of products gleaned from websites. It's called UHpinions and it definitely has potential. I know no one who was alive in nineteen hundred and eighty five would believe you can use your personal computer to buy uranium ore.

9. Video time - a praying mantis terrorized the Florida Marlins bench. It made Logan Morrison go a bit helter skelter.


10. After watching this I'm surprised no station sent Eleanor Rigby to cover the concert.

I wasn't sure if I'd be able to carry that weight but I made it to the end. I've got a feeling I enjoyed this more than you guys will.

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