Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Tuesday Ten for 7/26 - It's Been A While Links

The Tuesday Ten had a nice vacation and hopes you're having a nice summer. Maybe you've raised your debt ceiling or avoided a murder charge. I know I have.

1. You can tell I haven't posted in a while when this is my first link. I would assume it passed through everyone's work email a few weeks ago. Well at least it's likely neither Neff nor Burt has seen it.

2. Speaking of Burt, here's something he could use. Now he needs one of those for Chipper Jones, Brett Favre and Cris Collinsworth (and possibly the hypothetical "stupid naked Jeter lover.")

3. Ah yes, the value of twitter.

4. The San Francisco Giants got to visit the White House due to their World Series win, or so we've been told...

5. This guy confused Google and Facebook. It's like when people confuse this blog with entertainment.

6. Sometimes you just can't keep grandma away from her adult entertainment.

7. While Lowering the Bar won't, I officially endorse the joke at the end of this post.

8. Video time: you really have to love live TV.

9. Going back to the racial insensitivity of item 7, here's something for our jewish readers (NSFW or anything really):

10. I don't watch Mob Wives but I'm certain this is true to the essence of the show (also NSFW). Plus it's got Sophia Bush which is a nice bonus:

I'm fairly sure I've posted enough offensive stuff this week. If I left any races out that was purely by accident.

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