Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Tuesday Ten for 7/5 - Half the links, Twice the fun!

I only had 5 links to post so it'll be a different Tuesday Ten.  It's a mixture of links and notes.

1. 11points and I agree that it would be horrible to roll my wheelchair into an alligator.

2. Shouldn't Houston Astro fans be really pissed at Lance Berkman? He had a 6-year deal for $85 million and let himself go. The evidence of that? When he became a free agent this off-season he went on a weight loss program, was signed by the Cardinals and is now having quite the comeback season. He's got a .295 batting average, 22 Homers 61 RBIs and an OPS of 1.014 all while playing mostly Right Field. From what I can tell on the internets, some Astros fans are made at Lance. However, where are the "Boy was Lance Berkman lazy" stories?

3. Basic Instructions tells us how to successfully argue a weak point. Burt and I regularly take turns doing this to each other. 

4. I'm pretty sure White Sox players Alex Rios and Gordon Beckham are secretly hoping Adam Dunn stays bad so no one will notice that they're good-field no-hit players, as opposed to the no-field no-hit Dunn. Beckham plays a great second base but at some point he has to hit for more than 6 weeks in a season right?

5. Jim Margalus posted this during the White Sox vs. Colorado Rockies series. Very clever. 

6. A peeve of mine (I don't have any pets) is when drivers won't make a right turn when there's a right turn arrow. It's when I do most of my honking. I'm starting to think these people are incapable of seeing green arrows, which could be a potential problem if Warner Bros ever made a movie about the alter ego of Oliver Queen. These people would go to the show and not be able to see the protagonist of the movie. If this is true it would be the perfect camouflage. I could go to their house dressed in this costume*, hang out there and burgle it at my leisure.**

*Although apparently I'd have to steal more than $190 worth of stuff. Yeesh!

**This is the way my mind works. And people wonder why I'm single.

7. This is the stuff nightmares are made of.

8. I've been feeling very combobulated lately...

9. ...but I'm not so sure about Harold Reynolds:

10. I've been taking an annual vacation to Michigan with 3 couples for a few years. The couples all have kids. As our vacation is coming up soon my friends are being asked details about it. Burt tells me that, independently, he and Neff have both answered the question, "How many kids and how many adults are in your group?" with, "It depends, do you consider Mario a kid or an adult?"

I wouldn't know how to answer that.

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