Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vacation Stories 2011

I just spent a week in Glen Arbor MI with some friends and their families. There are 3 couples with a total of 6 kids in the house we rent. Emily (age 10) belongs to Neff and Kathy. Henry (10) and George (8) belong to Josh and Jenny. Lily(10), Clara(8) and Timmy(6) belong to Burt and Beth. As you can imagine, the kids say some funny things. Here's a sampling of them.

You may have seen this as a facebook post. We were going tubing - the floating on the water kind not the being pulled by a boat kind - on Sunday and we were gathering not just our group but more friends, the Lochs and the Borns. That put our kid total at 11 as opposed to the usual 6. As we were getting organized Burt said, "Everyone under the age of 30 line up on the grass." Lily said, "Is Mario under 30?"

Emily found some rocks on the beach after tubing. She brought a couple of them in the car and was admiring one of them on the ride home, talking about how round it was. Then she said, "I like this one. It feels like a rock." I pointed out how convenient that was considering it WAS a rock. She enjoyed that and incorporated it into her "I like rocks" song which she sang the rest of the way home, much to Kathy's chagrin.

While I was riding in the car with the Josh and Jenny, Henry was discussing one of his friends. He stated that this friend was a liar as he claimed that he had hacked into the computers at Area 51 and that he had some Woolly Mammoth DNA. George asked Henry if another friend named Alex was a bigger liar. Henry said that Alex's lies included stating that he had "one of every kind of rock and the first printed copy of the bible."

Henry decided that Alex was the bigger liar.

One night we ate dinner at Joe's Friendly Tavern* in Empire. Afterwards we headed to Boondocks in Glen Arbor so the kids could get ice cream and the parents could get more drinks (a nightly ritual). It's a short ride from Joe's to Boondocks, not much more than 10 minutes. While there Neff asked George if he liked his dinner. George responded, "Where did we eat?"

* I wondered if Joe's has a counterpart bar named "Moe's Surly Pub."

After laughing a bit at George's lack of memory, we reminded him that we ate at Joe's. George then said, "Oh yeah! Macaroni."

Neff said, "Solid."

George said, "No! And cheese!"

Henry was holding court one morning at breakfast discussing foods he likes and doesn't like. After saying how his body responded to one type of food he said, "It's like my body has a mind of it's own."

We rented a boat and went tubing - the being pulled by a boat kind (speed tubing?). Whenever someone would go into the tube Timmy would yell to them, "Have a nice life!" He also yelled this to the people on the boat when he got into the tube. Beth made him stop saying it after a while.

While Burt was swimming off the boat he found a dead clam and gave it to Clara. She made me hold it for a while and then lost interest in it. Some time later when she rediscovered it she decided to get rid of it. While tossing it off the boat she yelled, "Have a nice dead life!"

Another night after dinner we drove to Boondocks. I was riding with Burt's family.  I got out of the car in the parking lot and Lily grabbed my hand and was running from left to right and back, Clara grabbed the other hand and started tugging me towards Boondocks and Tim was trying to climb up the front of me. Tim said, "What do you like best about vacation?"

Clara asked, "Us?"

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