Monday, June 6, 2011

A Few Quick Notes

A few quick notes for a Monday night:

  • The funny thing about Carlos Zambrano's rant on Sunday, besides that everything he said was true, is that Cubs fans who dislike and those that like Zambrano reacted the same way. Fans who dislike Zambrano said he'd already more than overstayed his welcome here and want him to get traded. Fans who like Z said they want him to play with a team with a chance to win and want him to get traded.
  • Some in the White Sox universe have nicknamed the team's big free agent acquisition "Madam Done."
  • A 31-day month can only start on one of seven possible days, you know, the seven days of the week. Every 5 to 11 years for a given month it will start on Friday meaning that month will have 5 full weekends. Leap years keep it from happening every 7 years. The only thing that makes this "moneybags" is the possibility that you'll get 3 paychecks that month.
  • I started a job last Wednesday, a contracting job with a company in Aurora. I've typed the word "regards" more in the last 5 days than I did in the previous 27 months. Best regards, Mario.

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