Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Wednesday Ten for 6/22/11 - Late for Chicken

Today's links promise to give you an extra day of love, or chicken slapping as the case may be.

1. Indexed pretty much nails every night for me.

2. XKCD imagines what the "Cloud" really is.

3. It's important to know that Henry is 6. Not nearly as funny without knowing that.

4. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal has some bad news for you.

5. The Oatmeal addresses Smartphones. I hate it when I bump into a guy with no arms and no legs. Especially when his name is Lamppost.

6. Basic Instructions describes how to use big words. Once, while playing Taboo, I described the word orchestra as a "fancy band." Now, of course, that's my nickname for orchestra. As a side note, I enjoy the music of ELFB.

7. Here are some nicknames for places taken from people on Twitter. I think I spot a new t-shirt for Neff.

8. Who says basketball players are athletes?

9. Once you start the video you have to know what's coming here but it is somewhat of a "Down Goes Frazier" moment.

10. I love me some "Modern Family" and this clip helps explain why. It has Sofia Vergara being sexy but also shows how her character is crazily clever.

Gosh, that was so much more work than a list of 10 tweets. I need to go to bed.

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  1. Oh my God - the guy that knocks his kid over and then actually goes to put her back on the chair - not hold her. WTF?