Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Tuesday Ten for 6/14 - South Beach Links

Different format today. Nothing to click through. Instead, these are my favorite Tweets about the Dallas Mavericks beating the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals which concluded this past Sunday.

Morgan Murphy
Like I've been saying all season, Lebron & Wade are no match for Barea & Terry. (what?!)
Fran Blinebury
If this last 8:12 feels like longest of LeBron's life, it makes up for that hour we spent watching "The Decision."
  Jason Gay
Dallas parade is Wednesday. Cleveland parade is Thursday.
kelly oxford
Down Goes Brown
And for the second time in eleven months, a team celebrates the 2011 NBA championship in Miami.

daniel tosh
ok miami... it's now or never! be the first team to comeback from a 4-2 hole.

When asked to comment on the NBA Finals he said, "Lebron doesnt always disappear, but when he does, he prefers it to be during the playoffs"

Jason Gay
Sometime this summer, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are going to get a giant box of Ricola Cough Drops postmarked GERMANY.
Scotty L.
My heart goes out to the dozens & dozens of illegitimate children who watched their fathers lose to the Dallas Mavericks tonight.

Jesus Christ
I let the Mavs win so I wouldn't feel so bad about screwing over the Cowboys this fall.
And that concludes a Tuesday Ten that's even lazier than normal.

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