Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Thursday T(h)en - 5/26/11 - Non-Alliterative Links

These links promise never to call you Charty:

1. From, this is just another reason I'm glad I never took up smoking.

2. From's Minor Differences comic, I'm a big fan of Frosted Lardwiches.

3. This made the rounds of my Sox fan friends on Facebook last week but as a Cubs fan I thought this Infographic was pretty clever.

4. This page shows part of the reason I'm on Twitter. I don't follow all of these people but I follow most of them. It's been said Henny Youngman would've killed on Twitter. I'm not sure what that says about Twitter.

5. Here are some Sci-Fi Ikea Manuals. I particularly enjoyed the number of Jar Jar Binks required. (h/t HJE.)

6. So the Rapture didn't happen but here's 50 Reasons it could've.  Speaking of which I saw more than one Tweet stating "I can't wait for the end of the end of the world jokes."

7. Time for videos.  This was not included when Tina Fey hosted SNL most recently but it's pretty darn funny.

8. If you missed Justin Timberlake on this weekend's SNL you missed the best episode of the season. I thought this was the best skit. It's "What's That Name (Celebrity Edition)."

9. This skit also didn't make it to air but it's pretty funny and a bit similar to Timberlake's Ellis Island skit from the last time he hosted.

10. Our baseball themed link this week has strong language and may be fake but is not to be missed. Earl Weaver shares some of his wisdom. (The animation on this is stupid but the audio is hysterical.)

That's all for this week. I'll have a lot more time this week now that Oprah and American Idol are over. Wait, what?

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