Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Favorite Tweets About Bin Laden's Death

We'll get to our regularly scheduled Tuesday Ten later. First, these were my favorite tweets before, during and after the announcement regarding the killing of Osama Bin Laden:

Jesse Lund
by robneyer
Heard that Obama's announcement is going to be about how the country can pull together and work as one to help the Twins not suck.

Dan Bernstein
Bin Laden traded to Ravens, then rescinded by Angelo.

Dan Bernstein
Nice job, military! We'll reward you with tributes during sporting events!

Patton Oswalt
"My fellow Americans, I am proud to -- hold on. What? (...long pause) Really? (*sigh*) Cat Stevens leaves behind a legacy of song..."

Eric Duncan
by dan_bernstein
@ What the press ISN'T reporting is that Bin Laden actually died from White Sox baseball

blaine capatch
osama bin laden is DEAD? then who was driving my cab?

Patton Oswalt
No matter how collected Obama is during his speech, he's hearing LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out" blasting in his head.

kelly oxford
"They've been looking for him my whole life!! Well, that's great, I guess all the wars are over now. Goodnight!" - 10 yr old daughter

Danny Zuker
by YeahImAshley
Based on his twitter silence at this historic time I can only draw one conclusion: Justin Bieber is in Al Qaeda.

Alec Sulkin
by YeahImAshley
I'm just glad it wasn't the "there's an asteroid we can't stop" speech.

Jeremy Rutherford
by neffsmith
Osama Bin Laden (upper-body injury) will not return.

by KenTremendous
RT @: FOX News: Elderly Rich Man on Dialysis Killed by Young African-American Male.
Bill Clinton
by Jesus_M_Christ
I hope a few Marines are "Weekend at Bernie's"-ing the shit out of Osama's corpse right now.

Jason Mustian
by YeahImAshley
I think whoever shot Bin Laden is going to be the first guy in history to die of blowjobs.

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