Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Tuesday Ten for 7/2 - Links for Dummies

These links promise to read the entire ruling before reporting on it.

1. Compliments, shmompliments! I think we're done with people yelling "FAIL" at screw-ups, aren't we?

2. This kid was confused by Plato's Closet.

3. Playing with him would either kill me or be the awesomest thing ever. I'm voting for death. Click on the link on Caprice's site to embiggen.

4. I'm glad I never got one of these calls.

5. When I was little I didn't realize that form and shape were synonyms. I thought these folks had different powers.

6. I'm surprised he found it at all.

7. I've watched this at least 20 times and it still makes me laugh. I'm terrible.

8. Video time: Apparently there's untreatable gonorrhea around.

9. A bunch of these are good. It's Maria Thayer going to a bunch of auditions. This was one of the best.

10. I was a big fan of MST3K. This features one joke from everything they ever did. There were times when I was watching that I missed many jokes due to my buildup of laughter. Have fun.

Until next time when I'll be avoiding running over the person I'm supposed to help with a motorcycle.

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