Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Tuesday Ten for for 6/19 - Relative's Day Links

These links promise not to bother any snakes.

1. I wonder how many times I'd need to be shot before I thought someone was trying to kill me.

2. Do you think Paul Simon had to defend his taste in Art?

3. Giana slays Austin.

4. It's people.

5. If you're unaware why this is funny, it's because Livan Hernandez is heavy-set.

6. I might have to worry the next time I don't see this on a house I'm interested in.

7.  Nothing worse than a rodent mafia.

8. Mia and son nail it on Father's day (h/t to Caprice Crane)

9.  Video time - here's some home movies of LeBron James as a kid (h/t to With Leather).

10. Conan visited Chicago last week and took Jack McBrayer to the Weiner's Circle.

That's all until next time when I'll be avoiding hooking up with my stepdaughter.

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