Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Tuesday Ten for 6/12 - Trying On Links

The Tuesday Ten returns. These links promise not to try on weird things while in the store.

1. And we're off, with that catchy and annoying song.

2. All of these are pretty good, but number 5 is hard to believe.

3. Jenny Mollen is crazy but really funny. Here's an example.

4. Time machines are so confusing.

5. Speaking of unbelievable.

6. I wonder where I can buy some Sweetie McSugarBombs.

7. This would be a really cool trick.

8. Video Time: In case you don't get the last line of this post it's funny because Livan Hernandez is fat.

9. I honestly try not to think of her and "vajazzling" because it reminds me that she's kind of dumb but this becomes worth watching when Andy Richter gets involved in the discussion.

10. In honor of Andy Samberg leaving SNL, here's the second digital short he did but the one everyone thinks is the first (the first was "Lettuce").

That's all for now. Until next time when I'll be trying not to get Livan Hernandez to throw sunflower seeds at me.

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