Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Tuesday Ten for 7/17 - Moon Landing Links

These links promise not to fake anything, ever.

1. Seriously, they would've done something else, right?

2. After an initial barrage I haven't linked to one of these in a while. But really, we're all butlers for our pets, aren't we?

3. I'm with Caprice on this one.

4. A few Lamebooks - this would never happen to me because I would never learn the question in Spanish.

5. This is entirely true. Protect your Sarah Connor's.

6. I supposed this is better than "I know it's up for me if you steal my sunshine."

7. Words to live by!

8. Video time - Billy Eichner and Madonna? I'm in:

9. This was all over Facebook but if you haven't seen it, it's worth a look.

10. This is more serious than my usual stuff on here but it's really good. I'll let the video explain itself.

Until next time when I'll be trying to hold back while donating blood.


  1. Ok - I have to admit I thought there might a joke to the last one and had to check out the website. Good stuff as usual.

  2. Thanks. I used to include more serious stuff when I started but got away from that. I thought that was a cool story that people should be aware of.