Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Tuesday Ten for 9/27 - Breakup Links

These links promise not to break up after years of irrelevance.

1. I give this person credit for appropriate use of the word negro.  

2. More Lamebook (remember, I have a backlog from last week). I liked the first two of this set

3. I can often say this multiple times per week (not about Aaliyah.)

4. Here's a way into a woman's heart. 

5. This reminds me that when someone mentions a bread box I ask them how big it is.

6. This reminds me that I'm old. 

7. Video time: Nicole Scherzinger shows off her big fake boobs and the inevitable happens.

8. Sully has fun with famous people who ended up as baseball players.

9. The Sports Guy reminded me that this was one of my all time favorite stories. I do a fairly good Tom Hanks imitating Slappy White.

10. R.E.M announced their break up last week. This led to a lot of Twitter activity. I found this Patton Oswalt Tweet especially clever.

Patton Oswalt
Maybe Stipe could open a grow-your-own vegetable lot that's only open after sundown. Not sure what he'd call it, though.

Some of you will have to Google that to get it since it's a less popular song but I found it amusing. 

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