Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Tuesday Ten for 9/5 - Yelling Goat Links

This week's links promise not to compare your singing to a yelling goat.

1. The Oatmeal nails the typical use for Tupperware.

2. Here are some pictograms of people's lives. Guess which one I like - Hee Hee!

3. Ozzie's kind of like the computer in War Games. He finally figured out the best move was not to play (Dunn and Rios.)

4. Lamebook has a not so surprising enclosure.

5. No, I'm really sorry.

6. Beth found this site. I haven't made it through yet but I thought this picture was special.

7. Every time I listen to this Patton Oswalt bit I laugh through the whole thing.

8. Video time: I'm a big fan of making fun of Oprah.

9. So does the goat sound more like the big O or Usher?

10. Some folks didn't like the new final cut pro but Conan O'Brien's team thought it was easy to

Enjoy this week before next week's total football hangover. I'll be the guy who did too many shots.

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